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Ready to ignite your donor engagement? Tell us how to reach you to schedule a ViewSPARK™ demo.

Contact Information

7040 Avenida Encinas Ste. 104
Carlsbad, CA. 92011

(877) 544-8877

How will you use ViewSPARK™?
What will you share? Tell us more about your cause and we can help. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much staff time does it take to run ViewSPARK™? We’re already stretched thin.

Our average user invests only 7 minutes a week in using ViewSPARK™ successfully. You don’t need more staff or specialized staff to do more and raise more.

How much does ViewSPARK™ cost?

As fundraisers, we want to make sure ViewSPARK™ is accessible to all types of organizations. ViewSPARK™ is a low monthly subscription, based on your needs. Call us or sign up for a free demo today and we can give you an estimate on the spot. We’re so confident that you’ll quickly recover your costs that we don’t require a lengthy contract. You can cancel your service at any time — but we know you won’t need to.

What types of ViewSPARKS are most successful?

Our clients find that the more real and raw the update is, the better. No polished and edited videos. No fancy graphics. Just real personal updates, often in the form of selfie video on the scene of program work. 

How is ViewSPARK™ different than what I'm already doing in digital especially email?

ViewSPARK™’s core feature is the ability to capture and share real-time content. This sets your communication apart from generic email templates, stock photos, and thermometer-type gadgets that exist. Real, raw content builds direct connection and stronger relationships with donors. It makes them feel like a real partner in your work. We like to call it “bringing them into the inner circle.” This has proven to build deeper relationships and bring in more value to the organization overall.